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Scarlett Belle was built by Owner Andy Volaski in the Channel Islands Harbor in 2004 and completed in 2007. Designed with the idea for weddings and parties, Scarlett Belle is wide and sits low to ensure a comfortable stable ride inside the tranquil Channel Islands Harbor. Take in sunsets over the Channel Islands in the distance. From the back of the Boat you see the beautiful paddles free spinning as the Scarlett Belle tours the Channel Islands Harbor.


The downstairs deck called the dining ballroom looks romantically traditional of historic paddlewheel riverboats but boasts a modern feel. Coffered silver tin stamped ceilings, crystal chandeliers, arched French rounded windows for each dining table. A grand back window creates an awesome view of the dual red paddle wheels as they move through the water creating a waterfall effect from inside ballroom. Imagine the wedding cake centered high with the elegantly lit buffet here so everyone can enjoy the grand window view of the paddle wheels. Faux painting in silver tones compliment the black granite bar and carpet. This color scheme affords the best accent and will be a compliment to any color that you choose for your themed event or wedding décor.


After dining the ballroom transforms into a full nightclub atmosphere; equipped with a phenomenal sound system, and a professional light show with colored prisms of laser lights that brighten the room and illuminate the white dance floor.


The grand staircase leads you to the majestic upper level deck. Brides love to take pictures on the staircase allowing their dress to flow along the steps.


The magnificent upper level incorporates the best of both worlds; you have a glass fully enclosed seating, dining and bar area, from which you can take in the world class views of the beach and harbor sunsets.  A boutique bar with professional bartender is available.  The music is lowered to make this a serene environment for those wanting a quiet lounge area for after dinner and comes equipped with its own heating and air system.  The upper level also includes an outdoor seating area and pathway surrounded, for your safety and viewing pleasure, with a gingerbread railing so you and your guests can venture outside and sit at our outdoor tables or cushioned seating areas.  You can stroll around the for spectacular views of our dual paddles, lit to perfection, as they churn through the clear waters of the harbor.  Wander around to the bow to see the black ornate steam stacks with gold trim. 


Experience a titanic moment when you and your loved one open your arms and embrace the open air facing out over the rail.  Walk a few steps to the upper level wheelhouse where the Captain drives.  It is appointed with a stamped copper tin ceiling and golden chandeliers to set off the cherry wood floor.  The big paddle steering wheel is great for photo ops!    

Scarlett Belle Cruises
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